As discussed via private email, please follow the payment links to the right to guarantee your inclusion in the PrepperCon green screen photo op marketing.  Our goal is to have up to 5 background images similar to the one above.  Attendees will choose from among the background options and props to have their photo processed.  Each participating attendee will receive a free 4′ x 6′ printed photo of themselves or group on the spot and the option to have the image emailed or texted to their phone- also for free.

Your company’s logo will be superimposed on the picture or around a border (if needed so that it’s readable) which will be included on all printed and digital photos.  Those emails and texts will have embedded URLs and social media share links, making it simple for attendees to share their photos on all major social media platforms.  Please select the option as to whether you would just like the logo branding or if you would also like the full compiled list of emails from those who digitally downloaded their photo.

Once submitting your payment, please email Ben at ASAP with your company logo.  A vector file or other high resolution file is highly suggested.  If your logo is not a transparent .png file, it’s recommended that you choose a white background around your logo so that all logos have some conformity.  We can only take about 6 companies for this opportunity and if you’ve found this page it’s because you’ve been chosen!  Sign up fast or we’ll have to go down the line to the next ones waiting.  Thank you!

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