We regrettably announce that our 2019 Salt Lake expo MUST BE POSTPONED until further notice. More info below.

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Our PrepperCon family regrettably announces that our April, 2019, Salt Lake expo MUST BE POSTPONED until further notice. As a family run business, our key executives operate the expo while dividing their time with family duties. Since scheduling our 2019 event, several unforeseen blessings and challenges have impacted our team: 4 pregnancies (3 babies here, 1 more on the way); two switching main careers with additional schooling; one just admitted to law school; two tied up in filming a TV show, and two experiencing major health issues requiring family support.

Our current circumstances diminish our ability to produce the PrepperCon show that attendees and exhibitors have come to expect. This was a very difficult decision and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we have every intention of coming back bigger and better in the near future! In the interim, we’ll still be working with the media, our sponsors, and exhibitors in various capacities. Please contact us with any questions or input.

Corner Booth

  • 10×10 Booth
  • Piped & Draped
  • High Visibility

Aisle Booth

  • 10×10 Booth
  • Piped & Draped


  • * Perimeter spaces are customized, they vary in size and price. Please call +1 (385) 282-6686 for a quote.

*Gun Alley

  • 6 foot table & chair
  • * 5 or more tables are $160 each. Please contact us to set up an invoice for the discount.