Join the world’s one and only preparedness and survival fashion show!  Get noticed by modeling the latest emergency prep gear, strutt’n your stuff down our main stage runway.  PrepperFash was one of the first original attraction creations of the PrepperCon expo.  It started as a light-hearted way to showcase the latest in survival fashion and technology.  The first year consisted of models comprised from PrepperCon’s family and friends with little to no modeling experience.

As PrepperCon has grown (now in its 4th year), PrepperFash has taken center stage attention for its uniqueness, drawing the attention of major sponsors such as 5.11 and Cabelas.  Major national and international media outlets have reported on the event over the past 3 years and the momentum keeps growing!  Each year we add something new to the show, making it bigger and better.  PrepperFash is back with a vengeance in 2018!  We’ll be updating our runway and stage with more lighting and special effects, new costume designs, and a brand new theme.  Also for the first time ever, we’re beginning a model search for talent to join us!

This year we’ve opened up the doors to men, women, and children with any previous modeling experience.  For compensation, we’ll start by hooking you up with 10 weekend expo tickets you can give to family and friends, a t-shirt, and access to any video and photo coverage from our production staff.  If you like the experience and we work together well, there’s a future possibility of other compensation as the event grows and the budget allows.  Understanding that we’re a little late getting started with preparation for this year’s PrepperFash, it’s important that we can count on you to be available for one show time on Friday, May 18th (arriving two hours early) and for two shows on Saturday, May 19th (afternoon and evening).  There will also be one or more sizing and dress rehearsals.  We’ll try to keep this to a minimum, but our clothing companies and sponsors need to match your sizes to the outfits you’ll be wearing.

In short, we need serious commitment, an outgoing and highly energetic personality, and some previous modeling experience.  You by no means need to be a professional, but a sense of timing to match the music and announcer for your walk is important.  If you’re interested, please fill out the form below ASAP and spread the word!  We have very limited modeling spots for the show and production is under way!