About Us


“A person actively preparing for situations that may affect the stability of home, life, or financial situations.”

The term “prepper” often evokes an image of the doomsday worrier who obsesses over building an enormous reserve of food, ammunition, and other supplies in preparation for worldwide catastrophes.  While maintaining a modest reserve of essential necessities is part of mainstream prepping, the PrepperCon team believes that “preppers” have often been misunderstood because of stereotyping (often the result of dramatic reality TV shows).  Most people value the importance of having a little food and water stored for a disaster or some reserve money saved for the loss of a job.  In that sense, we’re all “preppers”.  The PrepperCon team seeks to help people overcome their hesitancy to achieving even greater self-reliance by providing them one-stop shopping to essential products and access to life saving skills.  Prepping can be done a little at a time and with any size budget.  Prepping is about getting back to basics, learning to take care of oneself or one’s family.  Whether it’s changing a flat tire or recovering after an earthquake, preparation starts yesterday … not after we need it.

What is PrepperCon?

PrepperCon is the premier event for Preppers of any age or experience.  Not only do we showcase the Prepper Lifestyle, but we combine the best of entertainment, emergency preparedness, gun shows, off-grid living and survival into one incredible experience.  Come see local and international celebrities in the Prepper World.  We bring live demonstrations, survival food cooking contests, fashion shows, disaster simulators, prizes, and a diverse lineup of amazing people.  At PrepperCon you’ll find incredible entertainment, cutting-edge gadgets, training, and networking opportunities, prepping fundamentals, self-defense and home security, survival gear, food storage, first aid supplies, emergency and disaster response resources, and an unbelievable experience for you, your family, and community.

Who We Are

We encourage and facilitate self-reliance and emergency preparedness by providing experiential training, education, and one-stop shopping for survival products and services.  Individual preparedness strengthens the ability of families and communities to cope under trying circumstances.  The resources available at PrepperCon build a foundation which promotes peace-of-mind when disaster strikes.

Our Vision

PrepperCon endeavors to transform the manner in which prepping is perceived within society.  Some view emergency preparedness only as the fanatical ambition of those labeled as “doomsdayers” or the chronically pessimistic.  In reality, most people are already “preppers” in a small way.  Living in uncertain times, many see the benefit in storing at least a little extra food, a little extra water, or having a survival kit if disaster strikes.  PrepperCon seeks to encourage disaster and survival preparedness by making the topic fun and demonstrating how self-reliance is relevant to everyone.  Through our national events, we strive to educate people that prepping can be instrinsically satisfying.  Through forming partnerships with disaster relief organizations, we provide a space for training individuals and businesses that will empower their communities.  Through entertaining special events, competitions, celebrity appearances, and demonstrations, we motivate people of all ages to attend and find excitement in becoming prepared.  We plan to expand PrepperCon nationally to allow thousands to share in the enjoyment and satisfaction of prepping.

Our Story

As lifelong Preppers, we’ve been dreaming of an event like PrepperCon for most of our lives.  Unfortunately for us and others seeking the same, nothing like this existed.  We found preparedness fairs and expos, we found gun shows, and we found homesteading and food storage events.  Yet we never found anything that combined all of these activities, including off-grid living, self-defense, education, and emergency communications.  So… we ambitiously created our own event.  We didn’t stop there; we wanted to make prepping fun.  Many of our team members have participated in the organization of Comic-Con type events.  By incorporating some of the same entertainment-focused elements in our own convention, we set out to attract a larger demographic by removing the stigma that some associate with preparedness as mundane, as something viewed as a chore.  In pop-culture, the world of prepping covers the genres of end-of-world survival and zombie apocolypse scenarios.  Alongside serious training and products relating to emergency survival, PrepperCon also embraces the lighter side of preparedness because we understand the value of educating through entertainment.  At PrepperCon, you’ll find fashion shows, costume contests, TV and film celebrities, disaster simulators, food competitions, and fun demonstrations.  We’ve made PrepperCon a family event with something for everyone and welcome you to come join the excitement!