With an abundance of conex containers due to America’s over indulgence of electronics, textiles and all manner of over seas goods, there is a growing trend in repurposing these containers into homes, offices, and all manner of buildings. Enter Kustom Containers. Not only do they supply thousands of storage containers through purchase or lease options, they also fully customize containers for those who dare to live life boxed.

Most tiny homes are a double axle trailer and a custom less-than-400 square feet living space with a tiny bathroom, tiny kitchen, and yes, tiny everything else. It’s a minimalists dream come true! Some tiny homes are built on a foundation or even made inside a container. You can dress it up or down to make it your ideal space. The best part is that it’s much more affordable than building a traditional home.

Kustom Containers not only has a wide range of prefab designs, but they can build anything you can imagine when it comes to conex container living. After a trip to their building site in Saint George, we were blown away. We found small 20 foot containers turned into homes, and a 40 foot 4 container custom home. After a short visit with the team they let us know we can pretty much customize anything you’d want to do with a conex container. So we took them at their word.

Not only can you build a home out of these things, but Kustom Containers configured and customized our Hurricane Simulator. The build was simple but crutial. It had to withstand 180 mph winds and rain. They put in a custom flooring for us and locking pins for our giant fan. Lastly they put in a swing arm that locks into place so we can secure all you crazy guys and dolls who want to experience the insane wind speeds.