When freeze dried products arrived on food storage store’s shelves I was elated. A few of the advantages were obvious; longer shelf life – up to 25 years; less storage space needed; closer to fresh taste and food retains almost 100% of its nutritional value. The con was…it’s more expensive. I started saving up to buy a can here and there. My prepper dream list soon included this; “Wouldn’t it be neat to have a HOME Freeze Dryer like the home dehydrators?”

Voila! I couldn’t believe my eyes – the Genie had granted my wish when I started seeing ads from a company called, Harvestright – a magical Home Freeze Dryer was soon on my counter! Well, actually, it took a bit longer and a combined family group to join into the investment for all to use it before it was acquired. The price for the standard dryer is $2,945 to $3,245 while the new large dryer ranges from $3,945 to $4,245 depending on whether you choose a stainless steel finish or one of their five color models.

Both size freeze dryer packages include a commercial grade vacuum pump, four to five stainless steel trays, power cord, insulator door pad and guide to freeze drying. The large dryer can freeze dry 2,500 pounds or 670 gallons of fresh food per year – 3.5 to 4.0 gallons per 24 hour batch. The standard dryer will freeze dry 4-7 pounds or 1 to 1.5 gallons of food per 24 hour batch. That’s 240 gallons of food in a year!

The Harvestright website says the freeze dryer is as easy to use as pressing a button. That’s true, but only after reading the manual, setting the unit and pump up and preparing the food of course. I prided myself in not having to ask for assistance except to carry the unit in and place it on the cart. I didn’t want to use kitchen counter space so the cart houses the unit in an ante room to our downstairs food storage room. (I love the cart purchased through Uline.) The freeze drying process can take several hours. Be sure to cut your food in slices not more than ½” thick and don’t pile the food like some of the pictures in the companies brochures. That’s for “photo appeal” only! Also, the pump can be quite loud, so I recommend deciding where you’ll put your Harvestright before the purchase.

2016 PrepperCon had a People’s Choice Taster’s Table of different companies’ freeze dry products. Harvestright won hands down, mainly because they could freeze dry all the yummy stuff people love to eat – cheesecake, Olive Garden and real whole milk. Yes, my favorite powdered milk is now Costco whole milk freeze dried and reconstituted – really!!

If you are committed to taking advantage of fresh food sales, your own garden and fruit tree harvests and cooking extra of your family’s favorite meals (even taking home your favorite restaurant dishes) to freeze dry and enjoy next month, next year or in the next decade or two, you’re investment will more than pay for itself! Harvestright offers a Zero interest layaway option to help make your prepper dream come true. Call them now at 801-386- 8960 to get started filling your storage pantry with all your favorites.