MyMedic Returns to PrepperCon as an official sponsor for our second annual emergency preparedness and survival expo. MyMedic has been in the first aid game for quite some time, and as usual, they are making some huge waves. One of their exciting new endeavors is to help provide first aid kits for police officers. An initiative that is catching steam across the United States. Check out their video below.

The initiative is designed to fundraise along with the Fraternal Order of Police to help ensure officers make it home to their families each and every day. These kits are designed to provide fast access to a RATS tourniquet, hemostatic agents, an Israeli compress bandage, trauma sheers, and other necessary items.   Each kit will be provided to an officer and mounted in the trunk or inside the cab of their patrol vehicle. Officers who receive kits will be able to tend to their own injuries as well as address immediate needs of the community they serve.

If you want to contribute you can either donate directly at kits4cops directly or make qualified purchases at MyMedic.