When considering the most valuable asset for most preppers, their first answer is usually “my stockpile,” however, after serious thought the response almost always turns to their skills and knowledge. When considering the evolution of your own preparedness, you may likely have started due to a concern with the changing international landscape, dangers of an artificially propped up economy, or the increasing disasters world wide. Even now you may not consider yourself a prepper, but rather a survivalist, bushcrafter, off-grider, back to the lander, or simply self reliant. All of which share some common themes.

In those common themes, you’ll find the biggest crossover is the urge to learn. Learning is the best avenue to becoming better prepared, and applying what you learn is the key to becoming wise. So in an effort to become the wisest of all preppers, may I introduce to you one of the greatest opportunities you have available. The local college extension program. If you have a great Agriculture school in your state, you’ll find almost everything you’ll ever need. In Utah, we are fortunate enough to have the #1 Agriculture school in America as ranked by Campus Explorer. Utah State University in Logan Utah is not only one of the top schools thanks to their cost and vast resources, it also offers more resources to the public through their extension program.


So if you want to learn and more specifically grow, you need to get involved with the local course offerings. We’ve been fortunate enough to have USU’s extension program participate in PrepperCon 2016, and they’ll be returning for 2017! The extension program includes offerings both in person and online. Here’s a link to their online offerings.  You’ll find resources on pesticides, gardening, fruits and nuts as well as many other growing resources.  The in person course offerings offer topics such as gardening, parenting, rope braiding, water filtration, cooking and much more, all divided out by county. Check their catalog to see what is available in your corner of the state.

So if you are in the mood to learn, check with USU’s extension program. If you happen to live outside of Utah, check out your local colleges and university’s. If you are like me you’ll also benefit from independent study. Hit your local library and check out the vast resources available there. Never stop learning. Knowledge is the most important item to stock up on for when the feces hits the vertical oscillator.