Rule Number 3

Again, this isn’t about food storage or food. That’s rule number four. Rule three is that you can survive up to three days without water.  In harsher conditions that timeline can shorten drastically. So its better to be prepared than to wait until the need arises to try to find a water solution. In this post we’ll talk about water storage. In another post we spoke about filter solutions from lifestraw. This post is about storing water. In our experience there are many ways you can store water. Our favorite is a mix of large containers of 55 gallons or more and small portable containers up to five gallons maximum.

Water storage is for more than drinking. You will need it for cooking, cleaning, personal sanitation and therefore you need to store at least 1 gallon per person per day. We recommend having at least a months supply on available in or around your home. That means if you have a family of 4, you will need 120 gallons of clean water stored and ready for use when an emergency arises. Now that’s only drinking water. I personally like to double that so I can take care of sanitation and rehydrating food or cleaning food as need. To make life easier on you, here is our recommendation for water storage. has two solutions we think are fantastic. This way if you are living in your own home, or in an apartment with tight conditions, you have great options.

Large solution: perfect for your home.

Anything over 50 gallons is considered a large solution. The challenge is that your traditional water barrel is not stackable at least not without having to buy a special stand or building one yourself. The Water Prepared 160 gallon tank is ideal because you can stack them as outlined in the image to the right and they don’t take up copious amounts of floor space.


Small solution: perfect for apartments

When it comes to tight space or limited storage, we highly recommend water brick. It’s also available at Each container is 3.5 gallons of water and can be easily slid under a bed, stacked in closets or stored wherever you can get creative and store them.

We also recommend you stock up on at least one of these in every bedroom in your home or apartment so you have easy access when you need it. Just the other day I did a consultation where the client had a 1800 square foot apartment downtown and they were unable to get a large water storage solution. They had recently sold their home and liquidated all their large storage solutions. Thankfully I was able to get them squared away with water bricks. They now have  100 gallons of water throughout their home. Most of which is stored in their guest room under the bed and behind the headboard. Like I said, get creative. They also have water above the washer and dryer, in the pantry, and in each closet throughout the house. Being prepared is much easier than you would think. So get started today.


Thank you to for being part of the PrepperCon family as a show sponsor and helping provide these great water solutions for all of us. You can order them online at or see them at our next PrepperCon where they will showcase all of their water storage and filter solutions.