PrepperCon is excited to announce the sponsorship of Eden Valley Foods for PrepperCon 2016. Eden Valley foods claims to have the highest quality food and best tasting foods. So we decided to take on the challenge and see what the real deal is. We took a few bags of foods with us to a winter campout and cooked it up for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The basics from their website state:

  • Meals come in (5 serving) individual pouches.
  • Hand sealed inside a Nitrogen flushed Mylar Pouch.
  • 25 Year Shelf Life
  • No MSG, No Trans Fats, No Cholesterol

Breakfast: We had a bag of their strawberry cream of wheat and of their maple and brown sugar oatmeal. We boiled up some water over the campfire and ripped open the mylar bags. Once the water was to a boil we simply poured it into the bags and stirred it up. After waiting a few minutes for the food to cool we all dug in. Surprise surprise, it was really good. Breakfast is hard to mess up though, so we decided to test out lunch later that day.

Lunch: We repeated the water boiling process, we poured it into the Pasta Primavera pouch and waited about 7 minutes stirring frequently to make sure everything was rehydrated. At first look and smell all things seemed well and good. Typically at this point when trying new freeze dried or dehydrated food I’m hesitant because they are usually very heavy on the salt. Thankfully I was surprised by the pleasant flavor. No over abundance of salt, or pepper. It was purely a pasta primavera. I’m impressed. I’ll definitely be eating this again.

Dinner: This one was super easy. I had a lot of choices but I really wanted to see how they did Mac N Cheese. It’s easy to do this wrong with all the dehydrated products out there, I was really hopeful that I’d win with this one but was skeptical. Thankfully it was tasty. It didn’t turn out dry or chalky. It was actually smooth and creamy like its supposed to be and tasted just as good as any boxed option from the store.

So what is my final consensus? If you want great tasting food check out Valley Food Storage. You’ll be glad you did.