If your plan is to bug out, I sure hope you have really, I mean REALLY thought it through. Most of the individuals I meet who have a “plan” to bug out have only gone far enough to identify a camp ground or national forest land to go to. Some have done much better and have a friend or relative who’s part of their emergency or prepper group, who has land and shelters on it. If you’re the latter version of prepper I commend you. If you are the former, you need to pay really close attention to what I’m about to tell you. YOU ARE DOOMED! Yes, I said doomed. How many other people are going to be looking for those same locations? Who else knows about it, and what have you got stored there? I’m guessing there’s a few hundred thousand people who have camped in that spot or around it over the last decade or two. That likely makes your location unsecured. Above all, it makes it not YOUR location.

If you really want to bugout, you need your own land, or have your group get some land and put some shelters on it. Bury a cache of supplies or drop a secure building on site where you can store it all. Thankfully my shelter in place plan is nearly perfect for my group, but so is our bug out plan. All that’s left is to create a secure storage compartment to put supplies. We’ve got land, with about 5 acres and a river. It’s small, but effective and out in the middle of “yeah right, I’m not telling.” Security people. Get some secure land. Make sure you know who owns the land around you and ensure you have water stored, or a fresh water supply there. This is where I tell you who to go to for all of this. The only option is Utah Safe Haven!

We happen to have land near some of their currently available lots. They are well out of the city with teeny-tiny towns within 30-60 miles. This makes their land packages ideal for a bugout location or family retreat. They can also drop a secure building or tiny cabin on site and best of all, they can finance your purchase. Now you’re probably thinking this sounds like a commercial or is heading that way. It kind of is. Only because I’m passionate about having your plan completed. Talk to Utah Safe Haven. Get your own land and start making it the perfect bugout location for your family We use ours for camping and family gatherings so it stays usable. The peace and tranquility of owning your own bugout location that is secure and remote is unparalleled.

So when it comes to bugging out, first check out Utah Safe Haven and get some land. Then get your backup surplus there and hide it! Make sure no one will stumble across it and know exactly what you have there. Stay away from freeways and large towns. Get the heck out of dodge. Now hop to it and find your perfect bugout.

Call Utah Safe Haven today at 435-315-8346 or go to www.utahsafehaven.com 

Utah Safe Haven is a proud sponsor of PrepperCon 2016