PREPPERCON is excited to welcome MyMedic to their family of sponsors.

Formerly known as MinutemanRx, MyMedic is a medical self-reliance company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that provides affordable first aid, trauma, and first responder medical products to the general public.

Why Medical Self Reliance?

Yep, more than just band-aids. Weather your 10 miles deep in the wilderness or 2 blocks from soccer practice MyMedic is here to make sure you are never too far from the help you need. We provide affordable first aid and first responder medical equipment and kits to the general public.

Who is MyMedic for?

Everyone has a body they need to keep healthy and working. MyMedic provides individual supplies as well as fully stocked packs and first aid kits to keep you and your family going strong.

We aren’t kidding when we talk about affordable, self reliance. MyMedic has the best catalog of self reliant medical kits. If you were to price out their kits, or buy them yourself you could plan on spending about 2-3 times more than their list prices. Check out to access their full line of products and get your gear now.